Hire or Buy? Choosing the right fleet option for your company

LCV Acquisition - Hire or Buy? Choosing the right fleet option for your companyAre you looking to update or expand your commercial fleet? Find out the most cost effective option for your business.

Choosing whether to hire or buy your vehicles can be complex because the headline costs rarely tell the whole story. There are a number of vital points you should consider to ensure that your fleet choice matches your business needs.

This guide helps you choose the most cost-effective, efficient way to acquire fleet vehicles. We cover the pros and cons of leasing versus buying for the following matters:

  • Capital & cash flow
  • Balance sheets
  • Taxation
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle downtime
  • Vehicle modification and specification
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Fluctuating vehicle demand

After reading this guide you should be armed with the knowledge you need to analyse what is best for your business.

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